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  1. You will discover in this practical booklet ...
  2. He wanted to share the experience with you.
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I] You will discover in this practical booklet (10,000 words; 37 pages):

  1. Foods that helped a man, in his 40s, made love to his wife much more often.
  2. A supplement or herbal product that helped the author, Tony, 58, got hard-on every morning for two months or more.Later, a popular supplement helped him (age 61) to have hard-on almost every morning.
  3. The Herbal products (Made in the USA) that increased his sexual energy, libido, hard-on, genital size, and orgasm. Herbal Products for Women will do the same.
  4. The powers of oysters and goat meat.
  5. The wonders of Oriental King Liquor, and where to buy.
  6. The star ratings of SEX food, drinks, supplements, and herbal products.
  7. Sex tonics and recovery supplements.
  8. The exercise that helps men last longer “inside” women.
  9. Benefits of ginseng and nuts.
  10. The shower cloth that makes you feel good, your skin look healthy, younger, and reduces stress.
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II] He Wanted to Share the Experience with You.

In August 2009, Tony’s levels of libido and orgasm were almost zeros. His doctor said that he was just getting old, but his friends disagreed. They gave him advice. He followed the advice and got what he lost back:

III] About the Author

Tony Nguyen was born, in Vietnam, in 1951. He went to Japan to learn chemistry (Aoyama Gakuin University) in 1970, and immigrated to Canada in 1975.He worked as computer programmer for companies (MBNA Information Services, Grocers Supply Inc.) in Texas and (Farmers Insurance headquarters) in California. He semi retires in Orange County, Southern California.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Computer Science, Concordia University, Montreal. Certificate of Oracle Developer, University of California, Irvine.

You can contact the author at

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A Story of Sex Food
My Problems with Libido and Orgasm
Advice from Friends
My Experience of Eating Oysters
My Experience of Eating Goat Meat
Comparing goat meat and beef
The Star Ratings of Sex Foods & Drinks
My Experience of Taking Protein Powder
Oriental King Liquor (Male Sexual Enhancer)
___ How much does it cost?
___ Where to buy?
Herbal Product #1 for Men (and Women)
___ My Diary with the Product #1
Herbal Product #2 for Men
___ My Diary with the Product #2
Herbal Product #2 for Women
The Star Ratings of Sex Supplements & Herbal Products
How to Take the Food, Supplements,Herbal Products
___ For Men
___ For Women
Sex Tonics
Recovery Supplements

What is Ginseng?
What are the Benefits?
A Story about an Old Chinese Lady
Tony Went to Ginseng Stores
Types of Teas
Where to Buy?
How to Prepare Ginseng-Root Drink
How Often & When to Drink
Top Ginseng & Herbal Stores in Los Angeles County
Top Ginseng Store in Orange County

The Health Benefits of Nuts
More Benefits
Where to Buy
How Often to Eat

APPENDIX 1: Green Tea
APPENDIX 2: Japanese Shower Cloth
APPENDIX 3: The #1 Lotion for Extra-Dry Skin

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Sex was the most important thing in my 25 years of marriage.
Regular and good sex draws a couple together.
My ex-girlfriend.

I need sex several times a month.
A 38-year-old woman.

Sex is a necessity.
Time magazine.

Sex is a major factor for good health and longevity.

The right foods, supplements, and herbal products (FSH) are powerful things that increase sexual frequency, energy, libido, and orgasm. They also help women more responsive in bed which is very important to men. The chapter covers a story of sex food, my experience of eating oyster & goat meat, the star ratings of sex food & drinks, Oriental King Liquor, the star ratings of supplements & herbal products, sex tonics, and recovery supplements.

A Story of Sex Food

In the 1970s, I lived in Montreal, Canada and got a good (Vietnamese) friend, Duc. He was about 42 and got a Canadian girlfriend, Nancy, about 25 years old.She often took him home to have lunch with her parents on weekends. One day, Nancy’s mother had a private conversation with him.

Nancy’s mother (Nm): Nancy told me that you performed well in bed. I was very surprised, because you were a little younger than my husband.
Duc laughed a little.
Nm: He rarely makes love to me. Could you share some Oriental remedies with me so …
Duc: He doesn’t look old. Does he have any serious medical problems?
Nm: No! He is healthy, but he is not interested in sex.
Duc: I think you do not feed him the right foods.
Nm: Foods? I think you take ginseng regularly, therefore Nancy is crazy about you. Do you drink the stuff?
Duc: No! Ginseng roots have been legendary in Oriental culture. But I am a student; I can’t afford them. I think the following foods could increase his libido and sexual energy.
Nm: Let me get a paper and pencil.
Duc: In the morning, give him a glass of fresh orange juice and one table spoon of raw honey, which you can buy in heath food stores or pick-your-own-apple orchards. About foods: raw oysters, raw nuts, fish, seafood, beef and eggs.I eat them regularly. Vitamin E is sex vitamin.
Nm: I really appreciate your advice. I will go shopping very soon.

Few months later, Nancy told Duc, “Mom would like to say thank you to you, because Daddy “sleeps” with her more often. Now she is happy and much less cranky than before.”

My Experience of Eating Goat Meat

When I was around 10 years old, I and a few friends often went to the field near a river to play. There was a herd of about 15 goats, but only one young male goat who always stood alone by himself. We took turn to play with him by holding the horns and pushing him backward. We never won. Now I guess he had to satisfy all the female goats sexually by himself. He had no Viagra or sex foods & supplements to help him.

After the Las Vegas tour, I started eating goat meat every Saturday in an Oriental restaurant (You could also eat goat curry in Indian restaurants). I had no sexual desire after the first lunch of goat meat. I ate goat’s penis on the second lunch. About an hour after the fourth lunch of goat meat, I felt a strong sensation circulated all over my body which urged me to have sex. The desire was three times stronger than the sexual feeling I had in the tour bus [after eating oysters]. Some substances in the meat that got into my bloodstream and circulated all over the body.

Note: People in the Mekong Delta take goat soup – goat meat and few local herbs – every day in order to cure exhaustion.

Comparing Goat Meat and Beef

Goat meat is healthier than beef. All of the following servings are 100 grams (3.5 oz.) of cooked meat.

Goat meat:
Beef steak:
Lean beef:
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